Friday, March 27, 2009

The things I see when I am not looking!

O.k can call me crazy but.....

Can you see Lady Pinelope smiling down on my workshop...she is wearing the most beautiful purple 'tibouchina' hat.....

and what about the 'Wood Knots' who would not come out of the wood?

Mmm maybe it's just


  1. Ha ha ure crazy, but cute! I can see them all, they are EVERYWHERE!!:)

  2. hehe I like the way you think Leanne.
    I can definately see a fish in the second wood picture and an alien in the third :)

  3. Phew..thank god I am not the only one!!!!
    I can find creatures in all sorts of things!!!

  4. Certainly not just you. I love wood knots and I certainly see a lady.. tho.. I admit I don't know who lady Pinelope is.. is she real or your special name for this lovely bush. (tiny slight blush here lol)