Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Colours of the world...from my Travel Wish List

I must see these places..I just must!

Top of the list is the Festival of Colour in India...a celebration of spring in all it's colourful glory!

Oh such joy!!!!

and a trip to Morocco will do nicely.... colour with smells to match!

and South America...oh the bold bright colours of South America...constantly calling me.....

So ..now it is back to reality and some housework...(sigh!)


  1. Wow those pics are amazing!! I would love to go to all those places but morocco especially!

    One day one day!! Gaby xoxo

  2. Oh we can dream Leanne.
    I'd love to be in any of those places right now!

  3. oh i can sooo see you there leanne! hahaha!


  4. Booking my tickets with you!!!

  5. I want to go to all those places too!
    Maybe we can make it a DUST field trip!

  6. Tess...perfect idea then we could make it tax deductible! It could be educational...you know it really could be!

  7. Thank-you for following my blog, I have joined up to yours as well!

  8. Oh, what a lovely trip around the colour world!

    I LOVE the indian colours they are so happy and uplifting!
    And how they stacked the Moroccan colours and those big pots with dye, amazing!

  9. Just gorgeous, Leanne. You make me want to leave my computer!

  10. Pop over this way sometime for natural colour in the landscape!Good wishes with your dreams!

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