Saturday, July 4, 2009

Taking over the world with DUST!

I am so pleased to be a member of the DUST Team.

What is DUST you may ask?


DUST (Down Under Street Team) is a group of Australian Artists, Crafters, Craft material suppliers and Vintage sellers who promote and sell independent Handcrafted goods here in Australia and worldwide. The team has over 390 members and so far has sold nearly 29,000 items all around the world...Yep! that's right...29,000! This absolutely astounds me.It is amazing to think that we have been able to let the world know how much talent there really is here in Australia. Our reputation around the world as a creative and talented nation of people is growing fast!

The handmade movement is gaining momentum all around the world with consumers starting to see the value, on many levels, of buying hand made. Quality, ethics and the pending demise of mass produced consumer goods is leading people back to recognising the true values of creativity and the incomparible feeling of owning an original piece of art or something special that has been made with love, skill and by hand.

Here is a teeny glimpse of what the Australian DUST Team has to offer...

Gorgeous...tempted?.....The Dust Newsletter (you can find the sign up button at the side of my blog here!) will make sure you know about new items, new sellers and any promotions and special events that the Team is running...

hint...... a huge event coming at the end of July!!

Be a part of the change in consumer attitude that is sweeping the Hand DUST!


  1. I love the dust team! Everyone is so talented and friendly! And I always enjoy looking at their new creations!


  2. Leanne - I was singing your praises to some BrisSylers at yesterday's market! Your rainbow baby wrap is greatly admired in Bendigo!

  3. are what makes the team so amazing!

  4. DUST is an amazingly talented group of Australians, I'm proud to belong.

  5. DUSTers are just plain wonderful! I'm proud to be one! Thanks for including our pendant here Leanne - it is in marvelous company!

  6. A fabulous team, filled with wonderful, beautiful and talented artists.

  7. I wish I could have included a little something from everyone...I had so much trouble deciding...

  8. Oh and silly me didn't write the shop names...they are links though!

  9. Fantastic idea and lovley items,how to join?